Pastoral Properties in Demand

Interest in pastoral properties is at unprecedented levels with ongoing enquiry almost daily.
With the demand for red meat increasing around the world, particularly in our region, there is a good argument that pastoral properties are a great place to breed and grow good numbers of livestock at reasonable cost.
This perception has flowed through to the largest investors in the beef industry with major transactions taking place throughout the country.
There is a great deal of confidence in the future of the red meat industry and this is resulting in excellent sales and strong interest at all levels.
The inquiry is coming from all over the world including Australia, and in particular WA, which is seen as a safe and disease-free environment to produce red meat.
VNW Independent has had strong sales with eight pastoral properties sold in the recent past and is currently dealing in others.
The values have strengthened, particularly if properties can carry reasonable stock numbers.
Properties with stock included have the strongest enquiry.
Our recent sales have shown a huge increase in the “breeding unit” price, often a yard stick to value pastoral properties.
VNW Independent has been fortunate to have been entrusted in many quality pastoral properties and has achieved excellent results.
The demand is stronger that supply at the moment and we have almost sold out.
I would be very interested to chat to pastoralists that may be thinking about selling or buying; the market is as good as I have seen .
Confidence will be assured.
I take this opportunity to thank all of our clients for their trust and confidence in the transactions of their properties and wish you all a very festive season.
Contact Simon Wilding on 0417 965 211


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