Property Feature: Wandoo Park & Victoria Springs

FOR LEASE/SALE: Wandoo Park and Victoria Springs

Location: Three Springs and Carnamah

Size: 6502 Ha / 16,065Ac


The properties are situated on the Three Springs / Eneabba Road, about 30km from Three Springs. Three Springs offers CBH bins, doctors, hospital, primary School, Grocery store, sporting facilities, Machinery dealership and Farming suppliers.

Secondary Schooling is available in Carnamah which is about 25Km south of Three Springs.

There is a wide range of soil types throughout the properties, gravel loams (Wandoo) about 35%, sandy loams (areas with yellow subsoil) about 40% and light soils about 25%. The undulating topography and deep soils results in this country to be well drained.

Cropping property total area 6502 Ha, with approximately 4370Ha cropped in 2016.

Over the past three years this country has systematically been transformed into a crop producing one. Strategic fence removal and extensive paddock work has been completed which has resulted in large, open and efficient cropping paddocks to suit the 12m/36m Controlled Traffic Farming system currently in use.

Mouldboard ploughing, with lime application prior to ploughing to enhance ideal soil conditions at a deeper depth; weed management (burying seeds deeper); and improved soil condition for better water retention promotes good germination. Deeper ripping was also practiced in large areas to enhance root penetration, resulting in larger biomass- and crop yields. This is very evident in current crops, which are looking great.

To add to the value, there is a good complement of infra-structure to support cropping requirements: this includes strategically placed sheds in different areas on the property, as well as good quality bore-water.

The homestead is a freshly renovated 4 bedrooms, one bathroom and open plan kitchen/dining/lounge and will be welcoming to new occupant.

The house is situated on the Wandoo property with a sealed road running past the front gate.

This property is located only 30km from the nearest grain bin in Three Springs, which is on the main railway line to Geraldton Port. Additional accommodation is available in Three Springs for staff, should this be required.

This farming unit is large enough to justify one complete set of farming equipment, a full-time manager (for a corporate investor), and/or a person interested in financially viable farming. Alternatively, it is ideally situated as an add-on to a local property owned.

This cropping farm falls in the 450mm rainfall zone.

Most of the hard work has been done on this property, so all that remains is reaping the benefits.

For lease/sale by tender, closing Wednesday 30th November 2016.


Mark Hattingh 0419 399 557

Steve Vaughan 0428 120 407

Simon Wilding 0417 965 211.


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